Clariden Holdings, Inc.


Key to the social responsibility of Top Frontier Investment Holdings, Inc. (the “Company”) is its commitment to improve the lives of people in the communities where its facilities, stations and projects are present, with focus on environmental stewardship and activities to benefit the society in general.

Consistently, Clariden Holdings, Inc. (“CHI”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company, proactively reaches out to others to bring forth change through its Social Development and Management Program and Community Development Program, which programs are developed through consultations with the communities such as: (i) Barangay Tigbinan, Labo, Camarines Norte, (ii) Tagkawayan, Quezon, and (iii) Barangay Villa San Isidro, Sta. Elena, Camarines Norte, among others.Livelihood programs introduced by CHI help provide additional materials and supplies to the residents of the communities needed for their source of livelihood. These include the distributiion of sewing machines to Zennia Women’s Association, and flashlights, masks and spear guns to the fisher folks of Barangay Mabini. Educational assistance are likewise provided by CHI through the distribution of school supplies and the construction of school facilities in public schools in Compostela Valley, Quezon, Camarines Norte and Surigao City, among others.

In recognition of its responsibility to the environment, CHI is implementing its Environmental Protection and Enhancement Program, Fine Mine Rehabilitation and/or Decommissioning Program, and Environmental Work Programs in Surigao City and Camarines Norte, where its mining facilities and operations are located, by the establishment of an Eco-Park and Wildlife Sanctuary and the rehabilitation of mined out areas in Nonoc Island, Surigao City, the reforestation of a 20-hectare area in Barangay Villa San Isidro, Sta. Elena, Camarines Norte, freshwater, air, and marine quality monitoring, Asbestos Containing Materials Management, Solid Waste Management, and Hazardous Waste Management, among others. All these efforts account for CHI’s share in its responsibility for environmental protection and sustainable development.



Nursery Development and Maintenance

Pursuant to the mining law and its rules and regulations, the company implements: (a) an Environmental Protection and Enhancement Program (EPEP) and Final Mine Rehabilitation and/or Decommissioning Program (FMR/DP) for its Project in Surigao City/Dinagat Islands Province; and (b) Environmental Work Programs (EnWP) for its exploration projects in Camarines Norte/Quezon and in Compostela Valley.

These Programs are supported by the required funds such as the Mine Rehabilitation fund for the implementation of the EPEP and the Final Mine Rehabilitation and Decommissioning Fund for the FMR/DP. The implementation of the EnWP, meanwhile, is supported by an amount equivalent to 10% of the exploration cost.

Activities currently being implemented are the operation and maintenance of nurseries.

Environmental Quality Monitoring

Environmental monitoring measures are also implemented such as fresh water and marine quality monitoring and air quality monitoring.


Freshwater Quality Monitoring

Air Quality Monitoring

Marine Quality Monitoring

Development and Maintenance of Mitigating Measures

The construction of environmental mitigating such as silt dams and diversion canals.


Diversion Canals

Silt Pond/Dam

Embankments / Berms


Land and Coastal Reforestation

Reforestation of mined out areas, mangrove reforestation and participation in government initiatives such as the National Greening Program, TreeVolution among others.


Rehabilitation of Mined Out Areas

Mangrove Reforestation

20 hectare reforestation area in Brgy. Villa San Isidro, Sta. Elena, Camarines Norte


Domestic and Hazardous Waste Management

The management of asbestos containing materials and hazardous wastes as well as solid waste management.


Asbestos Containing Materials Management

Solid Waste Management

Hazardous Waste Management


Environment and Biodiversity Enhancement

As an initiative, the company is re-establishing its Eco-Park and Wildlife Sanctuary to showcase both flora and fauna in the Project.

Establishment of Eco-Park and Wildlife Sanctuary



Community Consultations

As required under the mining law and its implementing rules and regulations, the company implements: (a) a Social Development and Management Program (SDMP) for its operating projects (Pacific Nickel Philippines Inc); and (b) Community Development Programs for its exploration projects (VIL Mines Inc. - Mt Cadig Nickel and Prima Lumina Gold Mining Corp. – Bango Gold Project)

These Programs help the company in engaging and managing relationships with key stakeholder groups as well as to share benefits with the host and neighbouring communities outside of their share from the taxes and from the national wealth.

The Programs are supported by 1.5% of the annual operating cost for the SDMP and 10% of the total cost of the exploration program in the case of the CDP.

Programs are developed with the communities through consultations and implemented as a partnership between the company and the communities.


Information, Education and Communication Activities

Host Barangays of Nonoc Nickle Project on Surigao City and Dinagat Islands


Infrastructure Development

Assistance to Infrastructure Development such as the construction of farm to market roads and access roads in order to facilitate other forms of economic activity.

Barangay Cabatuhan, Labo, Camarines Norte

Road Opening

Road Re-Gravelling

Road Maintenance

Construction of Water Reservoir in Tigbao, Dinagat Islands

Construction of Access Road in Dinagat Islands and Surigao City


Educational Assistance

Construction of School Arc with Steel Gate, Stairs, and Perimeter Fencing of School to ensure the safety of the students in Hanigad Island, Surigao City

Provision of Materials for DECS’ Brigada Eskwela in several Public Schools in Barangay Ngan, Compostela Valley

Distribution of School Supplies and Materials in Quezon and Camarines Norte


Health and Nutrition Programs

Medicine and Office Equipment Distribution Barangay Nonoc, Surigao City

Birthing Bed and Baby’s Crib Barangay Nonoc, Surigao City

Feeding Activities to support Early Childhood Care and Development Program of DSWD and DOH in STA. Elena,Camarines Norte and Tagkawayan, Quezon